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Everything you need to know about us.

About Us.

Lancaster Technologies was founded in 2012 to acquire a division of a well-known Canadian contract manufacturer. The investors, all of whom are still active in the business, have extensive experience in the contract manufacturing business in Canada, the US and the rest of the world.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Fort Erie, Ontario within two miles of the Canada-US border and offers easy access and cost savings for companies with cross-border shipments.

Why Choose Us.

There are numerous contract manufacturers for a brand owner to choose from; so what is it that sets Lancaster Technologies apart from its competitors?

At Lancaster Technologies we understand that contract manufacturing is a lot more than just manufacturing and that each client comes to us with a unique set of requirements. Our team is dedicated not only to meeting those requirements, whether in matters such as product quality, scheduling, shipping requirements etc., but also looks to go the extra mile by offering advice and assistance in areas such as packaging and cost reduction strategies.

Are you concerned about your contract manufacturer competing with you?

This is often a worry for brand owners, but not if you choose our company. At Lancaster Technologies our only business is contract manufacturing and packaging and we neither develop nor distribute our own products. It’s not our objective to compete with our clients; we only want to share in their success!

What is our philosophy?

Lancaster Technologies’ philosophy is to become a strategic partner with its clients, meeting their needs for a long-term, trustworthy associate and one which is prepared to go to great lengths, including investing in capital projects, to meet changes in its client’s requirements.

What we Do.

What can we offer you?

At Lancaster Technologies we specialise in the manufacture of solid dose tablets, both in chewable and caplet form. We also provide packaging solutions, including high speed bottling, induction sealing & capping, labeling, cartoning and fulfillment.

In addition to manufacturing solutions, we provide add-on services to our clients, including the procurement of packaging and raw materials and logistic solutions.

What are our operating procedures?

We recognise that, first and foremost, quality is a must. We operate under strict cGMP guidelines and procedures to ensure not only that our client’s products are of the highest quality, but also that they are delivered on time, every time.

What licences do we possess?

Lancaster Technologies is licensed by Health Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to manufacture and package Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements, respectively.


LTI is a high speed manufacturer of solid dose tablets, chewables and caplets.

Tablet Pill


Chewable Pill


Caplet Pill



LTI’s packaging capabilities include high speed filling, inline capping & induction sealing, labeling, cartoning, and fulfillment.


We fill a range of plastic bottles at high speeds providing our clients with efficient and flexible filling options. All filling is completed, by our highly trained staff, in class 10,000 clean rooms. Automatic inline desiccant and cottoning machines are part of our process.

Capping and Induction Sealing

High speed automatic cappers and induction sealing equipment is installed inline. 100% vision systems and physical testing ensure each cap and seal is applied properly to each bottle.


LTI employs state of the art labeling machines equipped with vision systems that read UPC codes 100% of the time. Our ink jet coders apply lot numbers and expiry dates.


Our automated cartoning systems provide a wide range of flexibility to different package sizes.


Whether your products are bulk packaged, shrink wrapped and placed into a shipping container or require a unique retail display we can make it happen.

Our Team

Chris Denney

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the senior management of pharmaceutical and personal care packaging businesses in both Europe and North America.

(905) 991-9393

Paul Bush

General Manager
Paul has over 30 years of Operations Management experience in Pharmaceutical/Natural Health Products contract manufacturing as well as the Paper & Packaging business. Paul heads up a team of Manufacturing, Packaging and Fulfillment professionals, each with 20 plus years of experience in Contract Manufacturing.

(905) 991-9393

Neil Denney

Director of Sales & Marketing
Neil has held senior sales and marketing positions in the contract manufacturing and packaging businesses over the past 20 years.

(647) 294-1787

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